JZanetta Hunt

I shop at WEAR often. Love the great layout and inventory..#meandmypurplebag love WEAR
–January 25, 2016

Crystal Kendall-Pitts

WEAR is the place to stop by and visit! I have found new and like new pieces at an affordable price! You can thank me later. Go now and shop!!!!
–August 25, 2015

Anna Hagemeyer

I got my favorite red wedges here!

Also, I love being able to donate locally and know for a fact my donations aren’t going to line some corporate schmuck’s pocket. The donations stay here to help our community!
–October 13, 2015

Ginger Rudeseal Miller

I am a weekly customer to Wear in Macon Georgia. I discovered it from a flyer, and I’ve been there every week since — sometimes more than once. The clothing there is for men, women (and some children ) of all sizes. Wear carries many designer outfits and has remarkable sales, like dollar week on all markdowns. The clothes are impeccably clean and displayed beautifully in the store. I feel like I’m shopping at a chic, eclectic Boutique when I go there. I would say that most of my current fall wardrobe and Christmas holiday outfits were purchased at Wear.

The best part of Wear. is [all] proceeds go to charity. It supports a local charity (see its FB page). It also takes donations of your used clothing.
Try it! You will love it, too!
–September 27, 2015