Found what I was looking for immediately, and the staff is fantastic.

-Dec. 14, 2016

Ezra Shelton

An AMAZING store, full of AMAZING deals, all for an equally AMAZING cause!
–October 14, 2016

Ashley Doolin

I absolutely love this store! Great atmosphere and Great customer service.. I highly recommend everyone to check them out!

–November 5, 2016

Seritha Watkins

I GOT A SHIRT FOR A QUARTER !!!! Great selection and amazing customer service !!!!!

-August 23, 2016

Sevyn Talbert

I just had THE best time shopping with Heatherly’s assistance!!! Such a beautiful, well organized. 👍👍 2 thumbs up for having such an amazing store with an amazing mission!!!! Thank you for all you help and for all you do for the community.

-August 25, 2016

Bridget Burke

I always find something in Wear. The vibes are great and recently I bought a pair of jeans for $5.00. I also donate clothing seasonly.

-August 24, 2016

Barbara Fischer

Beautiful used and vintage clothing and accessories in ALL sizes. Best customer service experience EVER. Thank you Heatherly for being so awesome. I really enjoyed shopping at WEAR!
-August 5, 2016

Darsell Parker

Wonderful staff and great selection and always something going on!
-May 7, 2016

Katy Harwell

Hands down my favourite place to shop for clothes in Middle Georgia. Wear has it all – quality clothing for next to nothing, and the friendliest staff in Macon, and a warm, inviting atmosphere. I never leave without making a purchase – that is something I can’t say of any other store! Oh! I almost forgot to mention the best part – the profits go right back into the community by way of Daybreak. My family and I love Wear.
–February 22, 2016

Kathy Jones

I love this store and encourage all fashionista to come and try this store. It is thrifting at its finest!!
–February 15, 2016

Charise Stephens