Opening: Store Clerk

Do you have a passion for fashion? Want to work in a fun environment with great customers and an even greater mission? Then read on!


TITLE:  Shop Clerk
HOURS: Part-time (appr. 4-12 hours/week)
SALARY:  $9.18/hour


The role of the Shop Clerk is to assist the manager with in the continued development, smooth operation, and continued profitability of the thrift store Wear.  In addition to helping the Manager with operations, the successful Manager will grow the business by developing and maintaining relationships with customers, donors, local businesses, and other parts of the community.

This position is non-exempt, requiring approximately 4-12 hours of work per week.  Hours will vary from week to week; however, clerk will work most Saturdays.

Primary Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Be an ambassador for the thrift store and charitable donations. Greet customers who enter the shop, answer questions, help them find items they are looking for, and assist them in making selections.
  • Be involved in stock control and management. Attach price tags to merchandise. Keep the store stocked, tidy, clean, and welcoming.
  • Manage purchases: Process cash and card payments. Report discrepancies and problems to the Manager.
  • Assist with the financial management of the store: balance cash with receipts, manage opening and closing procedures when the manager is not present. Follow Manager procedures for transferring information at the end of a shift.
  • Work within established guidelines, particularly as related to pricing high-quality goods.
  • Take responsibility for safety and security in the store, including: watching for shoplifting, managing the cash drawer according to security procedures, identifying fraudulent transactions, and understanding fire and emergency procedures.
  • Assist with supply chain management: receiving and store deliveries of stock, and follow procedures for capturing donor information. Ensure good relationships with donors by thanking them and providing receipts, as needed.
  • Assist with store marketing by keeping current with special promotions, putting up displays, and executing properly when items are sold under promotions. Provide information to interested customers about the purpose of Wear and its relationships to Depaul USA and the Daybreak program.
  • Undertake any other responsibilities that are required to operate Wear successfully and which are commensurate with the role.


 The ideal Shop Clerk is warm and friendly and has an engaging personality. The Shop Clerk must be comfortable working in a small team and serving all types of customers and representatives from partner organizations and businesses. The ideal Shop Clerk is confident, well-spoken, articulate, helpful, polite at all times. The Shop Clerk is expected to represent the store and dress in a style consistent with the style of the boutique itself: smart, clean, and current.

The Shop Clerk will have the suggested following experience and attributes:

  • High school diploma or equivalent; some college preferred;
  • 1-3 years of experience working in a retail business;
  • Experience managing inventory;
  • Knowledge of clothing brands and fashion trends;
  • Experience using a cash register and comfort using a touchscreen point of sale system;
  • Hold a driver’s license with an excellent driving record.

Assistants should be able to stand for most of the day and able to lift stock up to 25 pounds at a time, go up and down stairs regularly, and moving merchandise between the two levels of the store.

Depaul Thrift, LLC. provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, familial status, sexual orientation, or disability.

To Apply

Send cover letter and resume to

Applications are due by Feb 2, 2018.

Depaul Thrift, LLC (Wear) and Depaul USA, Inc.

Depaul USA is the Chicago-based, US affiliate of the international homelessness services organization Depaul International. We support homeless and marginalized people around the world, providing people experiencing homelessness with purpose and hope for a positive future. Our vision is that everyone has a place to call home and a stake in his or her community. In cities across the nation, we meet people where they are and address their needs. Through a combination of homelessness services and a growing social enterprise portfolio, Depaul USA is innovating and bringing real solutions to those facing homelessness.

In Macon, Georgia Depaul USA operates Daybreak, a day/resource center providing services to individuals experiencing homelessness; working with them to provide meals, secure documents, find meaningful employment, and improve their housing situation. Within the same day/resource center, Depaul USA also operates a medical clinic to treat urgent and ongoing conditions for the clients of Daybreak.

Macon is also home to the social enterprise, Depaul Thrift, LLC—a subsidiary of Depaul USA and company whose profits flow back to Depaul USA as income for Daybreak.  Depaul Thrift, LLC owns and operates the thrift store Wear. Wear is a retail boutique selling donated clothing and accessories, building awareness of the needs of individuals facing homelessness in its relationship with the community as a donations collection and resale site. Wear employees ultimately represent an organization bigger than itself and a cause deeper than for-profit retail. Wear exists for the purpose of generating support for the homeless, which begins by fostering the values of the organization. Our Vincentian values underpin what we do:

  • We celebrate the potential of people;
  • We put our words into action;
  • We aim to take a wider role in civil society; and
  • We believe in rights and responsibilities.

Thank you for your interest in Depaul USA, Inc. and Depaul Thrift, LLC (Wear)!


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