One Base, Two Options.

IMG_2361The temps are climbing, and a t-shirt and skirt are standard ‘go-to’ for quick, cool wear! Why not bump it up a notch with a light blouse and accessories? Below are two options for our current ‘t-shirt & skirt’ pick.

To start:

We have a base of a coral t-shirt ($2) paired with a NWT cream skirt (by Virtue, $20). It’s great as-is with a pair of flip flops and a small purse (or your favorite tote).

However, you can take it up a notch–and not worry about a cool Spring breeze– with a patterned blouse, scarf, and purse selection.

IMG_2360First option: The Tommy Bahama shirt.

The pattern of the shirt with the muted neutrals makes the t-shirt a peeking POP of color. The simple necklace repeats the colors of the Tommy Bahama silk blouse ($15). Paired with a leather vintage pill-box purse ($12), and a pair of vintage basket-weave leather Trotters (on sale this week–3/21/16, $4). The coral variegated scarf ($5) can loosely drape around the neck for a cool evening breeze.



Second Option: The Leopard Print

Bring out your wild side with this sheer leopard print blouse by Banana Republic ($16). Gold buttons flash, IMG_2356and you can direct attention up by carrying the pale base down to your sandals (Salpy brand, normally $20, on
sale this week for $4!). Stick with the variegated scarf, and snag an Aigner bag (NWT, $28) in a cream linen with pale green corners to compliment the coral top. A bright coral pedicure will balance your style, and show you’re ready to go!

Warm weather and cool Spring breezes can’t stop your style!

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