The Whole Bag Sale

February 29 thru March 5 marks our semi-annual Bag Sale!

Grab a Bag, Fill a Bag, Pay One Price!

Copy of $12 Bag SaleThe Whole Bag Sale: FAQ
What is it?
Pick a Bag: $12 OR $20 size. FILL a Bag, Pay One Price ($12 or $20, plus tax)
Fill it with What?
All Marked Clearance Items throughout store, All Sweaters, All Scarves, PLUS Any otherwise marked items
What does it NOT include?
Any regularly priced items.

 NOTE: It will take a few minutes to check out. We scan each item and tally up at the end. Any regularly priced items will be not be included in Bag Sale. You CAN purchase more than one bag—if any items do not fit in the bag, item will be priced as marked.

You can stuff a Bag as much as you’d like--as long as bag is not torn, items securely within bag are accepted as part of sale.

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