Secret Santa Savings!

EVERY DAY this week (through 12/12/15) gets you a different discount! It’s our ‘Secret Santa’ gift to you.

Monday: 50% OFF All Sweaters12294845_1658533741102741_666633740008427243_n

Tuesday: 50% OFF Stocking Stuffers
*Ties, Scarves, Gloves, Hats, Hose, and Belts!

Wednesday: 50% OFF All Men’s Wear
*includes men’s jackets!

Thursday: 50% OFF All Ladies’ Wear!
*includes ladies’ jackets!

Friday: 50% OFF All Purses & Bags!

Saturday: 30% OFF your TOTAL TRANSACTION!

Add that ON TOP off the Pink Tag Clearance (and wow, there are some really great items already marked half off!), and you’ll be Ho! Ho! Ho!’ing all the way to Christmas!



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